Thursday, August 18, 2011

Longing For the Day

"There is a solution.  Almost none of us liked the self-searching, the leveling of our pride, the confession of shortcomings which the process requires for its successful consummation.  But we saw that it really worked in others, and we had come to believe in the hopelessness and futility of life as we had been living it. When, therefore, we were approached by those in whom the problem had been solved, there was nothing left for us but to pick up the simple kit of spiritual tools laid at our feet.  We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed."- AA, "There is a Solution"

I want to meet Jesus.  I want to spend a day, an eternity with Jesus.

I have met Jesus.  And everything changed.

And I will meet Him again, in a new way in eternity and again everything will change.

I was fortunate to be raised in a believing home.  I knew Christ from a young age.  I may have known Him better when I was young.

I walked with Him and talked with Him in an intimate way and saw no need for change.  Until I denied Him and went my own way.  Not out loud but in action.  I began to drink and I fell further and further away from a place where I could experience His love.  And so when I came into the program, I was blessed in that the third step was not difficult for me because I already knew Him.  But I also was aware that it was this curse of alcoholism which had brought me to a greater blessing of knowing Him once again as an adult and as a true Savior.  Because I now recognized that I needed one.  Whereas, when I was young, He was seen as only a friend, as an adult in need, I could go to Him as God.  And my life changed.  It continues to change as I enter by faith into another dimension.  

I knew in one way that it would.  I knew that I was aiding God, by stepping into those rooms, in an act of deliverance on my behalf.  And yet, I did not know that this was the moment which would catapult me into a deeper understanding of God's grace which would continue as I grew.  I did not know the extent of how I would come to experience His presence.

Today, years later, I spend my days with Him or I try to.  The days which I fail to, are not good days.  Every day that I do, I wish was longer.  Because as I choose to spend my time with Him, I can sense the change.  I can sense my defenses going down, the revealing of my heart and the amazing love He has for me.  And this is life changing.

And I long for the day when I see Him in person.  When a day spent with Him truly is a day in eternity which will last an eternity.  When I will be changed once again; given a new body, health restored and the questions I grapple with will be answered.  

"The great fact is just this, and nothing less:  That we have had deep and effective spiritual experiences which have revolutionized our whole attitude toward life, toward our fellows and toward God's universe.  The central fact of our lives today is the absolute certainty that our Creator has entered into our hearts and lives in a way which is indeed miraculous.  He has commenced to accomplish those things for us which we could never do by ourselves."  AA, "There is a Solution

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  3. Touching testimony as to how all things can work together for good!